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TURBO the Paso Fino

CLYDE the Alpaca

GIZMO, the stray (brother of bobber)

BOBBER who popped up in the back yard

Sonora was adopted from the Bureau of Land Management Program. She was caught in the Bullfrog Herd Management Area in Nye County, Nevada. She was initially super shy but came around quickly thanks to carrots and brushes! She was such a lover! She taught us to see Burros in a hole new light. Sonora died in a tragic accident after being startled by something.

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We acquired  Kayan on December 30th. 2011. We fell in love with his personality AND his looks immediately. He was a tall horse at 15.2 hands but his body was still no match for his personality! Kayan died in the morning of June 14th 12 of a neurological disorder. We miss him dearly!

Kayan (“Queenies Little Bear”)


The Walkaloosa  is a horse that performs an intermediate ambling gait besides the trot. Simply stated, Walkaloosas are gaited horses with Appaloosa patterning.

The gaited horse with leopard patterning has been documented in history for hundreds, even thousands of years. They exhibit the leopard complex (the genetic factor that causes the spotting of the Appaloosa Horse) but the Appaloosa Horse Club does not allow any foal with Appaloosa coloring and a parent from a "gaited" breed to be registered.

Kayan’s Sire and Mare are Appaloosa and Tennessee Walker. That’s why he has the natural ambling gait often referred to as the "Indian Shuffle".


Gentle MOON, Jasper’s dam

Santiago was Paul’s favorite horse! He was a funny soul with much curiosity but he was a little clumsy at times. He had a terrible freak accident where he got his jaw stuck in a feeder and broke his jaw. Given his advanced age of 25 we decided it was best for him to let him die without lengthy procedures and time in a hospital away from his friends and family. He is really missed but I am sure he is having fun wherever he is!



Max, my very best compadre, died in September of 2014. He will always be my one and only. He was my first horse and although he sent me wonderul “replacements” there will never be one like him. Not a day goes by that I don’t think back with much appreciation to strolling through the landscape on this incredible companion. Max, you are the best!

Canario (“Max”)