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Silver - Silver Bullet Proof

Arrival date:


He had ulcers and his belly must have hurt like crazy. With our friend and awesome vet we tried an expensive but effective medicine and it helped! 

Silver Bullet Proof was our first official TIP horse for which we found a new home after training. When we picked him out of a herd of wild horses he tried hard to stay under the radar and almost succeeded. We saw pretty quickly that he was extraordinarily personable and acted like he was a well trained horse who had escaped from a rancher. But it turned out Silver was captured fairly young and spent many years hanging out with other mustangs at BLM facilities. He was put up for adoption many times without success (he must have been wearing a cloak) and therefore was sales eligible. He was the easiest trainee ever. He was pretty much game for everything as long as we gave him enough time to think about it. He graduated with success from TIP and found quickly a home with a family that already has several gray mustangs. Last we heard he was a happy member of the new family, now called "Snowman" by the kids. Happy life, Snowman!