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Sula and Ralph came together from BAR IG with a whole bunch of alpacas. Sula is very friendly and takes her job as the alpaca protector very serious. With people she is a little distant but she will hover enough to make sure all alpacas are ok and will not be harmed. She definitely shows up everywhere they go to check it out.


Ralph looks just like Sula, they could be siblings: really tall and dark brown. He is a little less approachable though. When we worked on de-worming everybody he ran us over and we landed on the floor. It too three people to trick him into a corner in the pasture where we could get a hold of him. Once caught he played along just fine. He seems to think that male alpacas can defend themselves. He is not overly protective and prefers hanging out with Orio away from the rambunctious group of teenage male alpacas.

Orio (aka Phantom or “Cookie”)

Orio  came to us in January of 2013. He was from the AZ Llama Rescue. He is very laid back. He gets along with everybody but also has no problems finding his own tree and sit there all by himself the whole day. Because of his good nature we renamed him Orio with a new middle name “Tux”.