” Saying goodbye to loved ones is hard.
But Goodbyes are not forever, they are not the end.
It simply means: I’ll miss you, until we meet again. ”


Gone from this world, but never from our hearts

This is a tribute to our beloved friends that have been gone way to soon and left their “footprints” in our heart forever.
Thank you for all the good memories that we will cherish until we meet again.




Kayan ♂


We acquired  Kayan on December 30th. 2011. We fell in love with his personality AND his looks immediately. He was a tall horse at 15.2 hands but his body was still no match for his personality! Kayan died in the morning of June 14th 12 of a neurological disorder. We miss him dearly!


Turbo ♂

Paso Fino

Turbo was our very first horse here at the ranch. He was a beautiful gray Paso Fino with a huge heart and a wonderful gait. He was excellent at knowing people and would take care of those that were new to riding like small kids. The best baby-sitter ever! He loved to stroll through the landscape up and down hills. His only fear were mailboxes 🙂. Turbo had an eating problem and ended up foundering when he was in his twenties. We still miss him!


Santiago ♂

Paso Fino

Santiago was Paul’s favorite horse! He was a funny soul with much curiosity but he was a little clumsy at times. He had a terrible freak accident where he got his jaw stuck in a feeder and broke his jaw. Given his advanced age of 25 we decided it was best for him to let him die without lengthy procedures and time in a hospital away from his friends and family. He is really missed but I am sure he is having fun wherever he is!


Max – Canario ♂

Paso Fino

Max, my very best compadre, died in September of 2014. He will always be my one and only. He was my first horse and although he sent me wonderul “replacements” there will never be one like him. Not a day goes by that I don’t think back with much appreciation to strolling through the landscape on this incredible companion. Max, you are the best!

IMG_1361 Sonora

Sonora ♀

BLM Burro

Sonora was adopted from the Bureau of Land Management Program. She was caught in the Bullfrog Herd Management Area in Nye County, Nevada. She was initially super shy but came around quickly thanks to carrots and brushes! She was such a lover! She taught us to see Burros in a hole new light. Sonora died in a tragic accident after being startled by something.



Mo ♂

Rescue Dog


Bobber ♂

Stray Cat


Gizmo ♂

Stray Cat

Mo cam to us from the shelter as a neurotic sad Shepard mix that had been dumped by his previous owners. Probably because of his extreme separation anxiety. He instantly became the right hand man to the Ranch boss and never left his side until he died in 2018 of old age at around 14 or 15. One of the stories that are so typical for him is when during rattle snake training Mo attempted to keep his beloved human away from the danger rather than saving himself. He was always looking out for everybody, making sure the family was assembled and content. He was a wonderful companion and we are so happy he was part of our lives for such a long time.




We discovered a soaking wet clump of kitten in our backyard one day because the dog showed great interest. Because she just popped up like that we called her Bobber. She was a splash of all available natural color , quite the modern painting, and devoured canned tuna like a shark. She was an abandoned stray and we decided to keep her. After a while we discovered a cat litter in the neighborhood and snatched her a “brother”. Gizmo was younger and needed to be bottle fed, which was an entertaining challenge. The two became inseparable and tore up the house with pleasure. We had several months of cuteness overload. We then moved to Wickenburg where the cats were under house arrest due to dangerous critters outside. They were very weary of strangers but acted like normal house cats towards us. Unfortunately around Christmas a guest didn’t close the door completely and they escaped at night. We were not able to find them in time and lost them tragically to some predator.

We LOVE Happy Endings

Some of our fourlegged friends left us to go on a new adventure with new people to their happy ending home.
Our heart jumps everytime we find a new match for our animals.


Silver Bullet Proof ♂

BLM Mustang

Silver Bullet Proof was our first official TIP horse for which we found a new home after training. When we picked him out of a herd of wild horses he tried hard to stay under the radar and almost succeeded. We saw pretty quickly that he was extraordinarily personable and acted like he was a well trained horse who had escaped from a rancher. But it turned out Silver was captured fairly young and spent many years hanging out with other mustangs at BLM facilities. He was put up for adoption many times without success (he must have been wearing a cloak) and therefore was sales eligible. He was the easiest trainee ever. He was pretty much game for everything as long as we gave him enough time to think about it. He graduated with success from TIP and found quickly a home with a family that already has several gray mustangs. Last we heard he was a happy member of the new family, now called “Snowman” by the kids.

Happy life, Snowman!


Raz – Rasputin ♂

Paso Fino

Rasputin, “Raz” came to us as a challenging Paso Fino that was “afraid of trees”. We realized over time that he mainly needed some chiropractic adjustments. One of our guests fell in love with him and he with her. The decision was made to let him move to Europe where is currently lives with his beloved owner getting all the attention and exercise he could ever want.

All the best in Switzerland or should we say: “Alles gueti in der Schwiiz” !


Valley – Valerosa (Bella) ♀

Peruvian Paso Fino

Mona Valerosa Sonadora, “Valley” (previous called “Bella”) came to us because her owner got older and wanted to focus on less reactive horses. Valley was a brood mare Peruvian Paso and got introduced to training later in life. She could be hard to catch but was a wonderful and absolutely stunning young palomino lady that did enjoy going out for rides. As we started focusing more on Mustang training she lost her job here. It just so happened that an older couple was looking for a nice Peruvian to add to their herd of 2. When they came to evaluate her, she showed herself from the very best side making it clear that she was happy to move on to a new family. They fell in love with her and she hopped on the trailer not even flinching.