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We acquired a new Paso but this time it’s a Peruvian Paso. The name of the beautiful girl is Mona Valerosa Sonadora. She is a little worried about people and noises in general but she loves to learn and is a pleasure to ride. Here she is taking a “special ed” class with Baddog from Sunset Ranch.


Animal News



The Ranch currently has two Llamas and a variety of Alpacas.



The ranch chickens are a colorful mix of mostly European breeds.



We have two Paso Fino geldings, a Peruvian Paso Mare, a Percheron mare with her five year old colt, two seven year old BLM Mustangs, and a five year old BLM Burro girl.

We also have a two year old rescue on site belonging to Amy and our eleven year old Premarin rescue Odin.

Horses (and Burro)