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Desert Sun Monty

Monty is our old herd sire. He is a Peruvian Don Julio Grandson. Most of our crias are fathered by him because lovely Memphis who is much younger can’t concentrate long enough :-).

Monty was our very first alpaca and for a while had all the girls to himself. Now that we have more males he has become quite aggressive towards them and still wants all females for himself. That’s why he has been living in his own corral.

Presleys Elvis

Elvis is a grumpy looking smaller male that could potentially be used as a herd sire. He is a Poseidon’s Presley son with Snowmass Chardonay and PPeruvian Caligula  in his lines. He does hang back until he knows people. But he would jump just about any fence to get to the girls.

Widget Creek Nickel

Nickel is a beautiful white male cria that looks very similar to his brother Aragon. Problem is, we cannot register him because with his blood sample we determined that Snow Echosis is actually Bola de Nieve. He is a beautiful little trouble maker though.


Brujo is a stunning true black gelding. Unfortunately his fiber is fairly coarse which precludes him from being introduced into the gene pool. He is quite the character though and sticks his nose right into your face.

Widget Creek Erion

Erion is a Monty and Aren son. He is also quite small and has similar coloring to his mother. He has a beautiful face that could fool his male friends but he will keep up in any fight. Even with males twice his size. He was the first cria born here at Widget Creek Ranch. He was born on October 26th 2012

Widget Creek Merlin

Merlin is Aren’s second son with Monty. He is very gentle in nature and has a beautiful face.

Widget Creek Aragon

Aragon is the second cria born here at Widget Creek Ranch. He was born on November 17th 2012. He made quite an impression at the vet’s office for being the best behaved patient of the month. He is looking more and more like his sire. He is very laid back and does not mind touching much. Food is important to him and he will endure petting for a snack.

Billy Bob

Billy Bob is similar to Brujo a black gelding. He was his previous owner’s favorite! Here he just blends with the crowd. The interesting thing about him is that he had a broken neck and recovered. We are very careful when we put a halter on him and try no hold him from the shoulder rather than from the neck.

Widget Creek Lorenz

Lorenz is the alpaca chicken. When we were shearing this year he so absolutely did not want to be caught that he broke my leg while running away. And he is one of the smallest alpacas we have! When we separated him from his dam he was crying for months (I am not exaggerating) and really never got over the separation. To this day he spends most of his time in the corner closest to the girls and wants nothing more than go back over there.

Widget Creek Lucas

Lucas was born in December 2012 at Bar IG ranch. He was lucky that there was an excellent vet at hand. He had to be treated for several days due to complications at birth. He made it through just fine and is now a feisty bachelor. He is a very inquisitive and friendly alpaca, always up for treats and he loves to chew on everybody's arms. Visitors, photographers, ranch hands, everybody tastes good! His grandsire is Cienega Creek Poseidon’s Presley. We expect great crias from him in the future.


Elway came to us recently but was the other choice we had back when we picked Monty, our first ever alpaca. He is a PPPeruvian Cahuide and Pperuvian Demetrio grandson.  


Maxabillion is a Elway and Jesse May son, now a gelding. We will probably use him to keep wild Monty company.

Widget Creek Thalen

Thalen was born on February 16th 2013. The first cria in 2013 but still a male…We did not really expect him. Juanita did not come in for dinner and upon checking why she stayed patiently in the far pasture we found Thalen sitting all happy on the ground. He promises to be tall like his dam and we are looking forward to some beautiful beige in our fiber collection.

Presleys Memphis

Memphis is our gorgeous alternate herd sire. He is a Poseidon’s Presley son with Snowmass Chardonay and PPeruvian Caligula  in his lines. Memphis is a very large alpaca but very gentle and shy. He is great with our other male alpacas and even male crias. He does not like to pick a fight. But he is not very good at mating with the females unfortunately.

Presley’s Blue Swade Shoes “Blue”

Blue is another gorgeous alternate herd sire. He is a Poseidon’s Presley son with Snowmass Chardonay and Peruvian Don Julio  in his lines. Blue is very similar to Memphis in body type but much less shy. We are looking forward to using him this fall. He seems a lot more determined with the females than his half brother.

Widget Creek Yukon

Yukon was born this spring, the first cria of AC and also a Monty son. He has a curious black nose tip.