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Widget Creek Brook

Brooke is a very tall beautiful fawn girl with white markings. She is very nosy and loves the water hose in the hot summer. She will come running first to get hosed off. She is Juanita’s and Monty’s cria and has Peruvian Don Julio and Ring Ridge Smokey in her ancestry.

Greystoke’s Tequila Rose

Rose came to us last fall from Prescott Valley. Although she does have some brown hues, she is considered a silver gray and she is beautiful. Not only that, she is also very nosy and will stick her inquisitive black popping eyes into everybody’s face to check it out. She is quite dominant but fits in well with the crowd. We sure hope she is pregnant!

Kokopelli’s Aren

Aren is packed full of excellent Peruvian bloodlines with PPPeruvian Royal Fawn as her great  grandsire on the sire’s and on the dam's side. Aren is a relatively small alpaca but she is a great mother and a tough cookie. She is not necessarily super friendly but she appreciates human intervention when in trouble. She will spit when pestered too much!

Kokopelli’s Snow Echosis

Echo had two crias here so far. When we tried to register her last baby, we were told that she was actually not Echo. Her real name is Bola de Nieve. Unfortunately her original owner died and her intermittent owner is MIA. That means she is not official and we cannot actually register her crias. What a mess!

Widget Creek Zoi

Zoi is a Stella Maya and Monty cria, just like her older brother Lorenz. She has similar facial features but will be taller than he is. She has also a much lighter color. Her ancestry includes Peruvian Sundance and Peruvian Don Julio.

Widget Creek Crystal

Crystal is the most friendly amongst the females. She just loves to come up to visitors and look for handouts. She is also the first to sample the hay. She is a Jessie May and Monty daughter. Her ancestry includes PPPeruvian Royal Fawn and Peruvian Don Julio.

Haleigh Girl

Haleigh is a stunning true black female with a Snowmass great-grandsire (Snowmass Chardonay) and Peruvian Oro as grand sire. She has not been bred in a couple of years and we are looking forward to pairing her with our herd sire Monty.

Jessie May

Jessie May is a beautiful rose gray female. She came to us with her son Lucas. Her pedigree includes PPPeruvian Royal Fawn as grand sire. Her dam’s side includes a lot of silver and rose gray and we are looking forward to nice colored crias. Her second cria, Crystal, is white. So maybe next year?

Stella Maya

Stella Maya has impressive ancestry. We are hoping to produce some silver gray crias with her in the future. She came to us with her beautiful daughter Jasmund. Her pedigree includes Peruvian Sundance on the sire’s side and a strong background of silver gray, rose gray, and black on the dam’s side. Her second cria Lorenz is also a beautiful brown :-).

Stella Maya’s Cria Widget Creek Jasmund

Jasmund is a nice tall dark brown female. She was also born in December 2012 at Bar IG Ranch. She has gotten a lot more curious and friendly towards us. She still has a habit of making a very dramatic retreat when being focused on too much by a human. On her sire’s side Jasmund’s pedigree includes Cody Peruvian Gipson Fawn.

Me Dulce Juanita (“Juanita”)

Juanita is a very tall brown female. She came to us because her eye lashes were too much to resist! She was thought to not be pregnant but in February we still had another cria born. Her son is Thalen. Her pedigree includes Cienega Creek Powder Blue and Peruvian Sundance. Her second cria born here is a beautiful tall fawn female.

Presleys Priscilla

Priscilla is a very large gorgeous female. She is a Poseidon’s Presley daughter with Ciennega Creek Powder Blue and PPeruvian Pluro in her lines. She is very new and we are looking forward to breeding her with one of our males.

Presleys Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie is a full sister to Memphis, a Poseidon’s Presley daughter with Snowmass Chardonay and PPeruvian Caligula  in her lines. She is a beautiful dark rose gray with excellent fiber quality.

Widget Creek Smokey

Smokey is Lisa Marie’s girl. She is a lovely dark brown color with a dust of gray on the tips of her fiber. Her sire is Monty.

Presley’s AC of Bar IG

AC is also a Poseidon’s Presley daughter but her mother is a beautiful medium rose gray female with silver gray and true black lines. AC is a four year old very tall but gentle female with beautiful fiber. This year she had her first cria ever. She is a fantastic mother and did not need to be told what to do.