The Widget Creek Ranch

Widget Creek Ranch is a wonderful little slice of heaven on earth. Here we strive to enjoy every minute with our human and animal friends. We provide a safe haven to a few horses that found their way to us from a variety of undesirable situations and we aspire to give as many mustangs as we can the skills to deal with the human world and find a forever home.

We gravitate towards a less traditional style of horsemanship where we see the horses more as partners and not so much as usable objects. We use new techniques that go beyond the today common style of “natural horsemanship”. You will not find Parelli or Clinton Anderson methods used here as a basis for training.

Accommodations for our animals are as natural as possible. We keep the animals in small herds as much as possible to allow for exercise and socialization. We slow feed our animals 24/7 to more closely mimic feeding habits in the wild and also supplement free choice minerals, a much less known but very effective way of keeping the animals healthy.

Our team is comprised of a trainer with a lot of experience with starting a green horse and then progressing it towards a variety of disciplines as well as a trainer that specializes in difficult or wild horses and uses special gentling techniques including operand conditioning. We also have a member who is a certified equine massage therapist, nutritionist with several other alternative medicine certifications such as equine aromatherapy, reiki, and Eden EM.

Our Services


   Horses and Burros

  • TIP Training BLM Mustangs
  • Horse Training
  • BLM Mustangs for adoption/sale

   Chicken and Ducks

  • Fresh Eggs from happy Chickens
  • Chickens and Ducks for Sale
  • Chicken and Duck Breeding

   Alpacca and Llama

  • Alpacca Breeding
  • Alpacca fiber for sale
  • Alpacca for sale

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